Don’t know how to play FIFA mobile? Come here to see the answer

In this day and age, more and more people choose to start playing mobile games. With the popularity of smart phones, many mobile games even comparable with the video game. Today we want to discuss is the most popular football game nowadays – FIFA mobile. FIFA is the world’s best known and highest level football league, and only one development company in the game has been named FIFA, which is EA’s FIFA series.

Yes, FIFA mobile is a mobile game in the EA FIFA video game series. Today we discuss the features of this game and also will give you some tips on how to play this game.

Dont know how to play FIFA mobile Come here to see the answer

Get to know the Action instruction in the FIFA mobile game:

Passing: The major significance of this beautiful game is about passing i.e. how you can pass the ball. Actually, prior to becoming a professional gamer of FIFA 18, you really need to discover as well as make fast and also effective passing. With fast as well as reliable passing, not just you can quickly open up your opponent’s protection, but additionally it will offer you adequate scoring opportunities. Know much more concerning coming on the following sections.

Brief Pass (Advanced Ground Pass): Accurate and also quick short passes are the ultimate trick to the success of FIFA 18. Keep in mind, short passes could be fairly sluggish; hence, you are requested to use them only when your colleague is either open or nearby.

Driven Ground Pass: This pass is a lot more powerful yet it is not excellent for close quarters. As a beginner, you may face significant troubles while managing it on the first touch.

Panache Pass: Flair passes are surprisingly useful. Note, these passes usually take longer to execute when compared with a simple brief pass. Nevertheless, it has enormous potential to toss off a challenger’s rhythm.

Lob Pass: The lob passes are especially beneficial whenever you have to remove the ball out of your box & take it toward an onward.

Know how to get the players with high OVR

use auction house to buy players

Getting a player with a high OVR is the core gameplay of this game. Here we must first understand a few concepts. From which channels we can get players.

1: Pay cash open packs to get the player.
2: Complete a specific task or get a specific achievement, get player rewards.
3: through the auction house to buy players.

All three ways are feasible. However, it should be noted that using cash to buy packs requires a lot of money because the players in packs are randomized. Not every pack will give you a different player or a higher rated player. This is why auction house will have so many people sell the players. Achievements to obtain the player to accomplish, but also limited to a certain achievement or a task, this achievement and task are not repeatable. You can only get it once. Now it is reasonable to buy players through the auction house and then train the players to a higher OVR rating. However, this requires that you have enough FIFA mobile coins.

As a successful mobile football game, FIFA mobile does have his own characteristics but also his shortcomings. But FIFA mobile is indeed a good game. FIFA mobile can be described as the king of mobile football games until the PES series has no plans for the phone version yet. If you are interested in football games do not have much time to sit in front of the TV to enjoy FIFA 18, I think you might consider trying FIFA mobile.