FIFA 18 – What Are The Best Features and Tips To Play This Game

FIFA 18’s new features were revealed as part of the EA Play games showcase event held in the Hollywood. There are a lot of new exciting things to talk about, but as always, certain new features truly stand out more than others. Here are the things that people are most excited about thus far. Let’s take a look at them:

fifa 18 new features and tips for play

FIFA 18 is introducing new, exciting styles and trends to the franchise, with examples like tiki-takka and high press cited so far. It is anticipated that CPU sides will manage to take benefit from this feature as well, thereby adding more diversity to offline gameplay. Better and improved techniques have also been recommended that will help address some of FIFA 17’s issues in this category. FIFA 18 has offered some excellent presentation improvements. The supremacy of the Frostbite engine is utilized to improve presentation in a huge manner. The atmosphere in FIFA 18’s stadiums is going to receive a massive overhaul, with better commentary, electric crowds and much more.

FIFA 18 will include better player personalities. What this means is that players need to act with more authentic actions both on and off the ball, with Electronic Arts highlighting Ronaldo’s signature sprint and Griezmann’s technique as examples. This will help add improved individuality to a large selection of the world’s best football players.

fifa 18 tips
FIFA 17’s dribbling mechanics often seem unbalanced, especially in online situations. Luckily, a dribbling overhaul is planned for late this year, which will help players to inject more creativity into 1v1 situations. Since a game that feels all-too-one-dimensional at times, FIFA surely needs more variety in this particular area. It is widely hoped that the overhaul will pay off.

Features such as Online and Offline seasons, Squad Building Challenges, and FUT Draft are available in this version. They will be available in both docked and portable modes. And while it is unfortunate that certain features will be absent, the Switch is likely to become the most useful way to play FIFA’s most popular mode on the go.

Here are some exciting tips to play FIFA 18:

Try to be patient!

Do not be too quick to slide in, or stick a foot in when defending, and play a patient mode of football, keeping the opposition team at bay and making sure they are unable to advance. It is, however, not recommended that you allow your opponent to play in your half. While you can adopt a quick-break attacking style of play, a slow build up to the game will often be rewarded with time and space.

Use sprint button carefully:

A common mistake that several FIFA players make is that they are always holding the spring button down. First of all, this will fatigue your players quickly, which gives your opponent the opportunity to outpace you in the later stages of the game. Therefore, you should use sprint to outpace your opponent when needed.

fifa 18 champions league

It is extremely important to research and study your opponent because merely focusing on what you are doing is not going to help you win online matches. You need to take your time to study your opponent well.

With that said, you ought to keep all these features and tips in mind when playing FIFA 18. These guidelines and suggestions will enable you to play the game the way it should be played.