Playing FIFA 18 and Purchasing FIFA 18 coins in China are such Difficult

Football is a worldwide sport. There are football fans all over the world, including China. As the hottest football video game all over the world, FIFA 18 also have a plenty of fans in China. However, you might don’t know how difficult it is to play FIFA series game launched by EA in China, not to mention buying FIFA 18 coins or FIFA points for Chinese users.

The Difference in Language

For Chinese players, language is the most important issue
FIFA series of EA obviously attach little importance to Chinese Game Market before FIFA 18’s release. The FIFA series before doesn’t support the official language in China – simplified Chinese, even traditional Chinese used in HongKong and Taiwan. Players from China has to make preparation for translation software  when they are playing FIFA series game so as to overcome language barrier. Luckily, Sony and Microsoft have opened Chinese Market years before with the launch of PS4 and Xbox One in mainland China, making other game company start to realize the strong purchasing power for Chinese market. FIFA 17/18 now start to support Chinese language to welcome players coming from China.

Network Problems

In other words, the bad network is a waste of life
As a result of the exist of GFW, users in mainland China need a series of tools to access Youtube, Facebook and other foreign sites. And it is the same for games. GFW makes it difficult for FIFA 18 to connect to network, resulting to terrible Network latency. But FIFA 18 has big requirements on network. Chinese players need a series of charging network accelerators to optimize their network when they are playing FIFA 18 in order to make it possible for them to play FIFA 18 with the network. Clearly, it cost players a small sum of extra money.

Purchase FIFA Coins and FIFA Points

Get more FIFA coins, for the players is essential

All FIFA players know the importance of these two currencies. Differing from players from other countries, Chinese players have more difficulty in buying these two currencies. Firstly, they only have one means to buy FIFA 18 coins, to trade FIFA coins with other users in Forum. The security of this kind of trade can not be guaranteed. FIFA 18 points can only be get by recharging. So Chinese users need to buy corresponding PSN or Xbox Points firstly to do account recharge, then they will get points.

The game market has boomed in recent years for Chinese users. Whereas there are still some limits that bothering Chinese players. For example, China do not have its own game rating system, restricting games distribution and appearing on the market severely. We hope that with the development of time, China’s game market will be more and more mature.